Having a Private Adventure Embodies My Idea of Home — Morgan O’Hara

“As a child I could go anywhere and was able to explore. I had to ride eighteen miles on the train to get to school, and many times I would get off the train instead of going to school and wander around, exploring the mountains and small villages. I had many private adventures. In some way, having a private adventure embodies my idea of home. When I am exploring something new that I don’t understand and nobody interferes—that is home.”

Home is A Place of Familiarity and Wherever I’m with My Family — Bola Sokunbi

“being close to the people I love and the things that comfort me are important to me. That’s one element of home to me. The other part I consider home is a place of familiarity, and that would be Lagos. Lagos was filled with nature, and a lot of my earliest memories as a child are from there. As a young person growing up, Lagos represented home to me. But, if I am not there, then home to me is wherever I’m with my family.”

Creating A Home for Art to Grow — Echo Yu He

“We want them to feel as if we are a family working towards a common goal. We jointly participate in setting up the exhibition and designing the event. Additionally, being a family is having dinner together.  Food has a way to bind people and therefore, we wanted to have a kitchen, which would allow us to spend time together beyond the exhibition.“

Home for Me Is Wherever My Mom Is — Manako Tamura

“Home for me is wherever my mom is. My family right now is all over the world. My dad is in New Mexico, my sister is in Tokyo, my mom just moved back to Japan permanently and I am in New York. It’s been this way for the past few years so whenever we have an event in the house, whether it’s a holiday or a birthday, we all gravitate towards her to be together. It’s not really about the place anymore for me but more about her presence.”